Key planning intelligence to optimise facility maintenance

The Software Revolutionising Facility Maintenance Forecasting

MPlan is a facility maintenance planning

software solution that makes facility maintenance

forecasting simple and sustainable.

Combining a powerful 7-step methodology with an intuitive online tool, MPlan has the capacity to quickly generate complete 1-50 year maintenance plans from the front page through to the detailed list of works and projects.

FM Planning

Plan your portfolio-wide maintenance with accuracy and certainty in a single, easy-to-read format. See funding options, maintenance standards, forecasts and more.

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Condition Audits

MPlan can reduce the cost of condition audits by up to 75% compared to traditional methods. Our smarter approach gives you the tools to deploy your resources where they’re needed most and negates excessive wastage.

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Knowledge Management

MPlan is a sustainable solution. Your team will be empowered with the internal capabilities to review, update and create maintenance plans into the future. Ease of use allows for an intuitive interface, making MPlan a highly accessible piece of software for many users.

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The powerful facility maintenance software

MPlan is used to manage over $60 billion worth of assets and is a reliable and cost-effective software.

From a single building to a multi-location portfolio, our facility forecasting software MPlan will optimise your maintenance budgets and resources. Fast, accurate and easy to use, it simplifies the entire process to give you ongoing time and cost savings.

Whether you’re a builder, owner or facilities manager, we’d love to show you how MPlan will optimise your facility management over the whole asset lifecycle. Request a demonstration of the MPlan software today.

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If you believe your organisation can benefit from a highly efficient facility maintenance planning software, MPlan may very well be the solution for you. If you have further enquiries, make sure to contact WebFM today and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

In addition to our MPlan facility maintenance services, WebFM offer a suite of consultation services and project management software to ensure your organisation can thrive, now and into the future.

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