A revolutionary Condition Audit methodology that delivers substantial savings.

A smarter approach to condition audits

The traditional methodology used to conduct condition audits is lengthy, expensive and complicated. Assessments are performed on-site and the defect surveys record every issue, no matter how minor or insignificant. These irrelevant records waste time and effort, not just in the initial assessment, but also in the ongoing management of the works program.

Importantly, the strategic factors affecting the asset or portfolio aren’t integrated with the data collected. This results in asset plans that aren’t always addressing the most critical maintenance issues.

MPlan reduces the cost of condition audits by up to 75%.

MPlan has transformed the way condition assessments are undertaken. Our desktop approach eliminates the need for on-site audits, resulting in major time and cost savings, especially for portfolios with multiple assets located over geographically diverse or hard-to-access sites.

MPlan focuses only on the major and highly relevant repairs and replacements. This simplifies the data collection process and makes ongoing management easier and more cost effective.

MPlan condition audits are completed in just a few hours, instead of days or weeks.



Simple to use

  • MPlan has 3 prime functions, Data Capture, Reports and Admin
  • Intuitive and easy to learn
  • 100% browser-based so you don’t need to manage IT problems

Unique 7-step methodology

  • Capture the needs, not the wants
  • Aligns to your organisation’s strategic direction

Tailored data structure

  • Set-up is quick and easy
  • Tailor the data to suit your critical asset management reporting
  • Aligns with third-party asset management systems