There’s the traditional approach to FM Planning. And then there’s MPlan.

Accurate and Fast Facility Maintenance and Life Cycle Planning Software

The traditional FM Planning approach usually involves engaging lots of experts in a long, drawn out and expensive process. Alternatively, asset managers make an educated guess based on last year’s plan and hope there are no major repairs on asset failures in the coming year. Either way, the resulting plan is overly complex, hard to analyse and makes priority or risk-based funding forecasting extremely difficult.

WebFM takes the guesswork out of facility maintenance and life cycle planning with an intuitive planning software that allows you to make data-based decisions rather than educated guesses. Our clients enjoy more accurate planning and risk assessment, reduced spending, and a forward automated cost forecast. All this is available in a simple online tool.

MPlan takes a smarter approach to deliver major time and cost savings.

MPlan is a highly effective, low-cost facilities maintenance planning software that combines a 7-step methodology with a simple online tool. In a central, easy-to-read database, it provides priority or risk-based facility maintenance forecasts, and a set of standards that link to service requirements.

With MPlan, you have a fully supported FM forecasting plan for your entire portfolio that’s accurate and up to date.

A proven system used on major portfolios and over $60 billion of assets.


Powerful life cycle reporting

Our software allows you to:

  • Produce facility life cycle maintenance planning ranging from 5 to 50 years
  • Filter and export to spreadsheet
  • Use the data to model life-cycle scenarios aligned to strategic directions and risk
  • Incorporate routine maintenance and budgets to produce a holistic asset plan

In-built calculators

  • Generate automatic life-cycle modelling over the planning period, such as repaints every 10 years occurring 5 times within a 50-year plan
  • The CPI function lets you easily update your data to reflect current values and costs

Find out more about FM Planning?

For smarter, and easier facilities maintenance planning and life cycle planning, look no further than WebFM. If you believe it’s time to pursue a highly effective approach to FM Planning, get in touch with WebFM today. We’d be happy to clarify any queries you might have about our facility maintenance planning and condition audit software, particularly as it relates to the life cycle of your facility.

For a broader overview of what is involved in our MPlan facilities management and consulting software, make sure to visit the main MPlan page. It is here that you can find a comprehensive list of all the benefits that MPlan can ensure for your team.