MPlan gives your organisation a sustainable advantage.

The solution that delivers ongoing savings.

Bringing in a team of external experts to run condition assessments and develop annual FM Plans isn’t a sustainable solution. Nor is purchasing expensive software that’s complicated to learn and even harder to use. The resulting costs of reviewing and updating plans are continual, expensive and hard to justify.

We empower your team to build internal capabilities.

We’ll fully train your staff in the 7-step methodology and ongoing use of the system. We’ll also support you to develop your own maintenance plans, including conducting regular reviews and updates. This transfer of knowledge gives you a sustainable outcome that will continue to deliver savings every year.

MPlan can reduce the cost of ongoing maintenance plan updates by up to 90%.


Train to retain

  • We train your key staff how to collect and update your data to ensure your plan remains relevant
  • Your people will have the knowledge to quickly assess and update your data when needed

Upload critical documents

  • Upload critical documents, photos and old plans to ensure subsequent updates and new users align with the strategic context for the future

No special software or systems

  • Retain your data online in our secure cloud-based system for future updates
  • 100% browser-based so you don’t need to manage IT problems