Document Management
All your project-wide documents - centrally stored and quickly accessible.

Construction Document Control Software

OmTrak’s Document Module gives every project participant access to the information they need, when they need it. We built our online building document control software from the ground up to be the ideal method to control building and construction management systems and services in a simple, intuitive way.

Every construction project generates a mountain of critical information. The successful completion and handover of the project relies on every piece of this mountain of information being in the hands of the right person at the right time.

With email and in-house systems, the risks of delays and missing documentation are huge. And keeping track of document versions, changes and approvals is virtually impossible.

construction document control software

Construction document management made simple.

We’ve made managing project documentation, compliance and communication incredibly efficient and accurate. Easily upload drawings, reports, contracts, BIM models, tenders and any other project documents in this secure collaboration platform and faster.

With OmTrak, everything is accurate and nothing goes missing, making project handovers seamless.

A management system proven to drive productivity, save time and reduce costs on major construction projects.

Features of OmTrak’s document management system

Fully integrated

Organised structure

  • Create folder structures, mimic your company’s internal setup, share folders and documents, and configure privileges
  • Tag additional information to documents so they are easier to find

Mobile Access

  • OmTrak’s mobile device app lets you keep up to date, no matter where you are .svg

Version control & audit trails

  • You’ll know that you’re always accessing the most current version, plus all information is tracked and logged for auditing
  • Create user and date stamps, and see all changes and version history

Approval workflows

  • Streamline the document review and approval process with automated standardised workflows
  • Full audit trails of decisions and changes made throughout the workflow process
  • Preview documents online and add annotations

Fast, secure communication

  • A completely secure and centrally managed solution for your project’s documents and communication
  • Send documents and drawings to other project participants via transmittals
  • Create and issue tasks, and schedule future and reoccurring tasks
  • Team-based access ensures everyone stays up to date, even as people join or leave projects
  • Powerful filters let you easily drill down, find and sort your documents, and you can save the filter function to quickly apply to future sessions