Operations and Maintenance Manuals

The solution that streamlines O&M Manual handovers.

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Operations and Maintenance Manual Software for the Construction Industry

OmTrak’s Manuals Module eliminates design and project handover delays.

The creation of Design Reports at the initial feasibility or detailed design stage can be highly complex and time consuming. This process is usually slow, manual and the subsequent report requires the reader to swap between multiple platforms.

Then, after the construction phase of a project has finished, the hard work really starts – the handover. Compiling thorough operations and maintenance manuals is vital to a successful and timely handover. The traditional approach often results in missing or poor quality information, as well as varying manual formats – all of which contribute to lengthy and costly project delays.

Using OmTrak, high-quality O&M manuals are ready before they’re needed.

Our unique approach allows Design Manuals to be progressively created and reviewed online at each stage of the design process – from initial feasibility to the final design. Using a pre-structured format, each consultant uploads their content and relevant drawings, documents and photos. The completed Design Manual is a single, easy-to-read PDF file with links to all attached files.

For Operations and Maintenance Manuals, this module lets contractors in Australia, America or the UAE, or anywhere else in the world enter content and upload documents before and during the construction phase. Project managers and owners can check and approve online before handover. On project completion, a high quality, thorough and searchable set of manuals is accessible that fully complies with industry requirements.

The OmTrak Manuals Module is the no-surprises approach to construction project handovers.



Fully integrated


Customised set up

  • The O&M manual software for construction handover allows for manuals to be configured to meet specific contractual and asset management requirements
  • Once your template is in place, projects can be implemented within hours

Standardised format

  • OmTrak’s electronic manuals are created in a standardised, intuitive format that’s easier for everyone to use and navigate
  • Asset Registers can be customised to match your asset system including attribute and validation requirements

Easy assembly

  • Upload manual content and documentation via the OmTrak web forms, including drawings, certi­ficates, commissioning reports, manufacturer operations manuals, spare parts catalogues, warranties etc
  • Team-based access ensures everyone stays up to date, even as people join or leave projects
  • Select maintenance schedules from included industry standards or create your own
  • Asset registers can be bulk imported and exported

QA and approval

  • Preview and mark-up your documents online
  • Track the progress and status of content via the chart reports
  • Provide feedback, create tasks and set due dates
  • Simple workflow content approval process

Digital handover

  • Digital O&M and Design manuals are professional, user-friendly and searchable
  • Data outputs are fit for asset management systems